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This is my personal Web page and Blog. Where I show case my Poetry,Writes and Other Interest.


There are teasers poems here to spark your interest in my poems and make the site a little more manageable and appealing to the eyes.



I am using it like an On-Line Resume.








This Promo Link below is just now, this week of Feb 20th 2011 being install into my writes and poems at This is a referral link given to Members and Affiliates to create their down lines or the people underneath them, tier structuring, this is one way to increase your earnings within companies with this benefit. The referral link is not visible here instead it is cloaked or linked to the phrase, "Come and Play with Us all at" I did this not to hide my referral link, but to use the phrase.




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If you think you would like to sign-up and join in the fun for awhile you can also click the Pay Per Click Publisher's link in these teasers here and they will take you to a sign-up page. I will make a similar promo link for shortly.

New E-Book postings Keep watch for others through out this site and on Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace, and in my Blogs. Happy Hunting!
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

This is a Beta Program I am using to make some of my Poetry E-Books! Give it a look see and if you like it, try it out. There are several of these types of Book Publishers out there on the Inter-net today.

The Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man
by Sinbad the Sailor Man
         Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man

Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man
by Sinbad the SailorMan
         Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man

Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man
by Sinbad the SailorMan
         Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man

Donald Beres Jr./ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Blogger Blog

Here is the most important Blog I own and I have forgot to link it or even mention it, wow how stupid can I get? I told you I get confused and side tracked often. But for some reason I thought I had this Blog up and running from day one. It was in my notes to do, but as I said before I have certain disabilities that keep me from seeing the obvious mistakes.
Others can see them right away, but I see them  rarely unless I am seeking them out. And I see them as I think them if that makes any sense. For you it might not be there yet, but I see them there! They are pictured in my mind, but are not yet set in stone.
Well that is one reason you must surf you own sites often, but remember don't click on your ads! Click the Sail Boat to See My Most Important Blog



Please! Don't forget to sign my Guest Book on the bottom of this page!

Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man


Oh I forgot to tell ya all, that this is my Treasure Map where I have been placing my treasures and hints and tips to more of it buried through out the WWW


On my sites and Blogs and in my Blogs and comments on the sites that I play and work on and in.





Here we go this looks like a nice place to stick some new information. Today is Sept 23rd 2010 and I am trying to get back into the swing of Posting some Hop-Links for ClickBank and this looks like a good place to do that.


(1)New: Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed - Expert Deer Hunting For Big Bucks The all-new expert deer hunting book with huge, excellent bonuses that will attract all deer hunters. The focus is hunting Big Trophy-class bucks.



(2)Largemouth Bass Fishing Tactics Revealed Top Secret Techniques Of The Professional Bass Fishing Circuit Exposed.


Vendor Spotlight
Cat: Arts & Entertainment/Music

What's Innovation?   Find the Best Creative Mind Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory



Blog Catalog is a Social net-worker; that allows you to Submit your Blog or Blogs to their site. Once there you can Promote your Blog and there by get some exposure to gain your traffic. You will find similar topics and Bloggers such as yourself here. And there by gain contacts.


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         & Davis


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Look these text links are part of my Traffic Wheel. They are mostly Profile Pages of mine. Can you find the other parts to my Wheel here? They are the Widgets and Badges as well as some other text links and still others pay attention to the little things.


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Poem 33
the Muse (IV of V)
Has been selected for publication

She could live anywhere, in this big O' Chicago town
Anywhere at all, wherever her heart desired...
A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poem 34

Muse the Finale (V of V)
Has been selected for publication

I got up and dusted off, the soy covered scraps
The Chinese noodles and left over cabbage
My attention was drawn straight back to her...

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Poem 35

No one Knows this But!
Has been selected for publication @ 
No one knows this but! Everyone thinks he, is just a kid
But, he thinks differently He, is a person, a somebody!
With needs, thoughts, and desires...
A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Poem 36
Like Beauty and the Wretched Beast
Has been selected for publication
Our love is like the dark cold of night and the warm light of the day
Mine cold dark and lonely, as if it were one's last breath
Yours is like the light of day, warm bright, and surrounded by life...

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Today is July 3rd 2010 and I finally got some of my poems, all original content.
Made by me and not some other's work, posted on a paying site a Pay Per Click Web Site known as, a 50/50 split.
Not what every artist is looking for, but a place to get Started, notice, and seen daily.
These sites also have communities and comment sections, for feed back on your works.
And maybe just maybe you can pick up some change once a month.
Keep watching and checking me out, things should start picking up around here. I hope!
                       Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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I Recommend These For Would be Poets

(Site's Blog)

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Clicking on this Icon, will take you to one of my two WordPress Blogs.  They contain more about what it is that I am doing and my past history.
I have two Blogs with Word Press, one is quite like this site. But it is an interactive Blog where you can leave a comment and ask me a question if you wish.
The other is more about me and what it is I have done and what it is I am doing now, And here and there with this poetry stuff and my other ideals and dreams.
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Showing up is 90% of the battle. Now what you need to do is ACT! You must complete 100% of the task to be successful at anything. As with a computer program Download. If you don’t receive the complete 100% of the down load. You won’t receive the Program nor will you be successful with getting it to even work. You'll never have any success with It. If you don't give it your all. Its that simple. You must complete the Down Load task or put in all the effort required. You must learn from our example.

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Treat this new venture as if it were your last and only option. It just might be. On-line Business is not easier then a traditional Brick and Mortar Business or a real world business. Except the initial start up is usually a lot cheaper for an On-line business. Which is a Good and Bad thing. Good for those with limited funds who truly desire a chance. And bad for those who have the extra funds and are just looking for extra income. As this causes many people to give up easier; because it cost them less to get in. And they equate that low start up as an acceptable Loss.

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What do you have to lose if you don’t try? Nothing! And all you lose by trying is some time learning some new and valuable skills. And just by redirecting money you are already spending. You will risk way less then if you were to choose just about any other business and their options out there Today.

Speaking of Opportunities they are getting pretty limited these days. If you were brave enough to even try one that is out there. This Opportunity cost way, way, less than any franchised business or a Mom & Pop start up under taking. Plus these our products are all good for you and your Health. Without Health your Wealth will have and hold little meaning to you.

You have everything to gain. Knowledge, Friendships, Income, Transferable skills, and Health. Vemma is more than just a Product that you sell. It becomes a Lifestyle that you choose. We'd be happy to have you come aboard and try something new with us. Were expecting you. Vemma has Boat loads of help and training when you seek it out.


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man





This Blog is an interactive Blog as well.
You may leave comments, and it will link you from my posts, to other bloggers posts.
Through the means of tags, at the bottom or the top of each of my posts.
Within WordPress, you may do this, with almost all of their Blogs, including the one up above.
Just click the skull and bones and he will he will take you to a Blog where all my writes and poems will be.
Click the lady in the towel and she will take you to what I am learning and what I am and planning to do.  
      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man 
You may be wondering why I sign my pen name as often as I do.
It is content that the search engines counts and picks out to categorize this site and me.
This is a signature sign off that I use.
It is an SEO device, as well are My Pen Name and this sites name, as it holds my Keywords within Its title.

Want to Check Out What I Am Saying?
Do a search in any of the search engines
They will bring up some if not quite a few of my works.
This is a key word and a Search String or Querry.
It is also considered a signature sign off; Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man
When I start my Blogs here I use a common sign on Hello all, or Hey all
These are Search Engine Recognized or Strings and/or Querries at Google and at Yahoo mostly. or, but not just for my site!
After working a little with SEO
You'll soon be able to pick up on phrases. Pay very close attention and you will find the ones you use in and about your pages, your writes, and your sites.
              Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

         & Davis

E-Book Creating 1,2,3, as Simple as A, B, C

So you are a Poet, a Photographer, or a Storyteller and you want to create an E-Book. How can you do this with Little to no money down? And then turn around and sell the Book in different formats including Hard Copied, Hard Back or Paper Back Books as well as an E-book Well I am trying to use Come and check them out!


Here Is a Beta E-book Creator to Give a Try

This is a new Beta test going on for E-book creation and I have thrown up three quick E-books that other members and guest can see and read or even Buy at this site.

I have thrown up three simple chap Book types for to show how easily it can be done the site offers help with editing and other creation processes or you can do them all your self.

My First Book is
"The Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man - Book I Breakfast Sandwiches"

The Second is
"Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man - Book II Forgotten"

And My Third is called the "Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man - Book III Scrambled (Eggs)"

These are simple Chap Book Types with some Inter-net Photos and screen shots I have taken from my computer. I did them all my self and they will need to be upgraded and corrected. I did this to show you all it is not all that Hard to do and if you have friends who can help you edit and do Layout work it becomes even cheaper and easier for you to do. You create the Book with their site editors or you can upload it from your operating system and its editor and then you'll format it into theirs.

It is very simple to use and to correct or make changes to there once in their editor. There is no cost to create and post it up front only to Buy It or have them published in quantities for others you can have sell your works. You do give up a good share of profit as you will with any Publisher. But you have no Over Head, Stocking Charges, or Up Front Costs.

Your Book is downloaded or printed when purchased only. But it is Maintained and shown at the publisher's site, so you do not even need your own website.


There are Several Sites Out There Today That do This Type of E-Book Creation

But with All Publishers do your due diligence and read the contract in formations and profit sharing splits or divisions. There is only a cost when purchasing. And No Over Head, Up Keep or Stocking of Product cost with these types of Publishers as there are with the other types of publishers. No Up Front Cost is needed by you! So price setting is suggested by their program, but it is also controlled by you.

So make sure you set it correctly so you do not end up suffering a loss. Be careful when you set your Prices. Some companies let you take on a portion of the cost as if you were a charity or co- purchaser.

There are many users at this beta site already and I believe it will do well. But it does have to the potential to go under as do any new Business Ventures do. So a Beta is a good place to get in on or at the ground floor, to learn at, and to get some real life experience in self publishing your works. It offers some advantages for the first users of its program and it is worth the try in using, there is very little risk for you.


I wrote this for and this write has some screen shots there; that will give you a better idea, as to how and what this program looks like and does. I think this is one of my star pages so they liked it a I hope you do too!

It is a large write and has several large images that just don’t fit here or I would place it here for you.


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man






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